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Whether you own Art, Antiques, or Collectibles, CollectMe can help you
organize and protect your passion investments.

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Manage Your Assets
manage your assets
About CollectMe

CollectMe is an asset management system designed to make life easier for collectors.

Our platform helps you organize your valuables and manage them as an investment. With over 20 unique object templates, CollectMe allows you to quickly and securely upload information regarding your Art, Antiques, or Collectibles. No matter what your interest or passion, CollectMe has something for you.


Document collection details, archive your records and track financial information


Dashboard analytics provides valuable insight into what you own and what it’s worth


Easily maintain insurance and appraisal records to fully protect your investments

Manage Your Assets
Manage Your Assets

Organize all of your collectibles on the same platform with our inventory management module. Upload images and related documents to validate provinance, log transaction histories and financial information. CollectMe allows users to maintain an organized collection with unlimited space for images and attachments.

Dashboard Analytics
Dashboard Analytics

The Analyze module provides enhanced understanding of your collections content and value. Our dashboard gives you the ability to visually analyze the contents of your portfolio with dynamic metrics, graphs, and charts. Track the acquisition and sale of items from your collection with our Transaction Log feature.

Cloud Security & Data Protection
Cloud Security & Data Protection

Protecting your privacy and the confidential information in your collection is our highest priority. We have partnered with AWS to ensure that all your personal data is encrypted and archived in a secure high availability environment. Only you can access the information you enter about your collection. CollectMe is a Cloud based solution, always available to you - anytime, anywhere.